The largest circular economy project in Northern Europe

Nearly 600 million tonnes of oil shale ash have been deposited in Ida-Viru county. Ragn-Sells has developed a solution to turn these ashes into ultra-pure calcium carbonate while simultaneously capturing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the material.

Circular economy success story

Imagine a world where waste is no longer a problem but a valuable resource — upcycling of oil shale ash is a revolutionary step towards realizing this dream.

Climate-neutral production process

Explore oil shale ash upcycling — a process that turns industrial waste into a valuable raw material while reducing extraction of new materials.

From waste to valuable products

Our innovative approach turns oil shale ash into ultra-clean products such as climate-neutral calcium carbonate and lime fertilizer.

Meet our world-changing team

EAS supports the OSA project

Enterprise Estonia provided 255,269 euros to support applied research on the OSA project in 2021. The support helps us carry out industrial-scale trials of production of climate-neutral calcium carbonate from oil shale ash and design the preliminary version of the production processes and plant. 

Name of fund: European Regional Development Fund 
Amount of grant: 255 269 euros 
Brief description of the project: RS-OSA Service OÜ continues to develop oil shale ash valorisation technology as part of the applied research. During the project, the technology will be piloted on a semi-industrial scale and the primary design and structure of the production unit for implementation on an industrial scale will be developed. 
Objective: The purpose of this applied research is to validate the technology on a semi-industrial scale and produce at least 250 kg of PCC to test its properties in collaboration with end-users and to develop a primary design of the production processes and plant on an industrial scale. In addition, within the framework of the project, initial tests will be carried out for the treatment of PCC being produced in order to assess its suitability for future product development.