For the benefit of nature and people

Circular economy success story

Oil shale ash upcycling is a unique process where waste is converted into a valuable resource. This innovative technology ensures the most waste-free end result with minimal energy use and maximum reuse of water. The large-scale and innovative project of oil shale ash upcycling and CO2 capture is remarkable in the global context. The project also has the potential to extend the application to other countries that use oil shale. In addition, the recycling of one of the largest waste segments by volume will improve Estonia's position in achieving waste generation and recovery targets.

Responsible use of natural resources

One of the key objectives of the oil shale ash upcycling project is to reduce the extraction of natural resources. The materials produced from oil shale ash are needed in many industries. These were previously produced from extracted natural resources, thereby spending a lot of energy and releasing large amounts of CO2 into the air. These materials can now be obtained from existing waste, which will significantly reduce the extraction and production impact and ensure a CO2-neutral production process. This step will also help reduce Estonia's carbon footprint and improve the living environment throughout the country.

Enhanced business opportunities, investments and new jobs

The innovative nature of the project and the implementation of circular economy principles will also revive the business environment. This will create new jobs in Ida-Viru county, both in the production sector and in related fields such as logistics, as well enable more efficient use of existing infrastructure — including roads, railways and ports. Additional jobs and business activities will in turn benefit local government in the form of higher tax revenues that can be channelled for the benefit of the community.

Other circular economy innovations by Ragn-Sells

Recovery of salts from fly ash

Ragn-Sells' patented technology that helps make waste incineration ashes safe for the environment and upcycle them into industrial salts.

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Ammonium phosphates from mines

This technology provides an energy-saving way to extract ammonium phosphates from mining waste to use in the production of fertilizers.

Recovery of nitrogen from wastewater

An innovative technology that extracts nitrogen from wastewater for reuse in industry.