Climate-neutral production process

Cross-sector cooperation

The production technology, with the task of climate-neutral upcycling of fly and furnace ashes from electricity generation, has been developed in collaboration with researchers from Ragn-Sells, TalTech and The University of Tartu. The production technology varies by product, but their common component is waste- and emission- free production, where all materials are circulated.

Less exhaust gases, more circulation

The biggest focus is on producing calcium carbonate, where we use CO2 from other industries, permanently capturing it into products. Our plant does not emit exhaust gases since there is no combustion process. The water used is in constant circulation and all by-products are recovered to create new products. In addition, thanks to our innovative technology, the plant has a very low noise level.

Oil shale ash as a raw material

The core of the whole project is the upcycling of industrial large-scale waste — 600 million tonnes of oil shale ash from the electric power industry. In addition to the recycling of secondary material, this environmentally sustainable production also allows us to reduce the environmentally harmful extraction of new materials.

Industry of the future

In 2024, a demo plant, and in 2028, an industrial scale plant will be completed in Narva, which will start to produce ultra-pure calcium carbonate. Currently, the plants are being designed in Finland, and the City of Narva has initiated detailed spatial planning and environmental impact assessment for the construction of the industrial plant.